Welcome to the Decency Project.

We are an entirely digital movement working to beat Donald Trump and elect Joe Biden in November.

We’re fighting for a future in which progress is possible.

Join us and #DemandDecency.

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"I'm voting Green Party"


= a vote for Trump

"I'm writing in Bernie"


= a vote for Trump

"I'm not voting"


= a vote for Trump

"I'm voting for Joe Biden"


= a vote for our future

Inspired by the Lincoln Project, we’re making short, engaging videos highlighting Donald Trump’s abysmal performance on issues that matter to young people (e.g. racial justice, climate change, coronavirus and public health, student debt, etc.) and demonstrating how Joe Biden will move us in the right direction on each of those issues, despite his imperfections.

We're building something new.

To reach voters with our videos, we’re trying something new and exciting. We’re building a network of individuals and organizations who are willing to post them online in a series of coordinated social media blitzes.

Members of our network are given early access to our videos ahead of each round so they can choose whether to participate.

Our inaugural blitz took place on August 14th, 2020. Based on publicly available data, we estimate that it reached more than 100,000 viewers across the country and around the world.

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